Bowling has been around since the 16th century, so its no `five minute wonder’.

Bowls is one of those games that can be played by both men and women in a multitude of formats, from singles to pairs, triples and finally fours. Rinks are approx 96 feet long and there are 6 rinks per green and outdoor bowls is played from May – September.

Play is either all men teams, all lady teams or a mix of men and women in the same team (mixed club). The clothing is Grey or White bottoms, traditionally with White tops, shoes are either Brown, grey or White with flat soles – to protect the grass surface!

Whats your perception of bowls? Played by old people, without much humour, cant be much fun, can it? Not much exercise either.

Is this your view of bowls? Then let me enlighten you.

Yes you can play against some funny folk, but equally you will come across many more nicer ones as well. As for fun, many of us only bowl to enjoy ourselves not for the competition – it’s the company you see!

As for exercise, if you bowled in a normal 21 end game then you would have played for around 2 ½ hours in the fresh air, walked nearly a mile, bent down and pushed or bowled your bowls 42 times up and down the grass and used your brain and eyes to concentrate on the delivery, the weight and where those bowls have to end up!

Finally there is the travel, yes traveling, `away’ visiting and playing other clubs.

Its a summer game. Its played whatever the weather – yes that right in the rain as well! If that’s not exercise for the whole body then I don’t know what is, so from all this you can see that bowls is very much a game for all ages!.

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